EPS insulation products made to last from one generation to the next

Our EPS insulation products are designed for durable construction. The end result is energy-efficient, which means savings on building and heating costs. EPS insulation by Solupak helps you build homes and other facilities that last from one generation to the next.

Insulation experts with experience spanning seven decades

The history of Solupak goes back to the 1950s, when the grandfather of present owners, brothers Pentti Sintonen and Veikko Sintonen, founded a factory for the production of wood wool boards in Tarvasjoki. Second-generation entrepreneur Tapani Sintonen established Solupak in 1985.
The responsibility for leading the family business has now been handed over to the third generation, as Tapani Sintonen passed away after serious illness on 1 January 2013. His work is carried on by Jukka-Pekka Sintonen as CEO and Leena-Maija Mecklin as Chair of the Board.

We are flexible, but the quality of our products is unwavering

Solupak is known for its high-quality products and flexibility in pleasing its customers. Our expert staff will help you find precisely the right products to fit your needs and ensure that they are delivered when and where they are needed.
Having our own storage spaces and transportation furthermore allows for fast and flexible deliveries.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly EPS insulation

EPS insulation products are mainly used as thermal insulation in buildings, but they are also suitable as insulation for mechanical installations or light-weight solutions in road building and earthworks in yard areas. EPS insulation is also used in packaging, dock structures and elsewhere.
The best material-efficiency in buildings is ensured by the longest possible service life and minimal need for repairs. Using EPS insulation in construction is energy-efficient and therefore environmentally friendly, as EPS retains excellent thermal insulation characteristics throughout its long service life of decades in length.
Due to its light weight, the insulation is easy to handle and install; it does not decay or grow mould and is available in various shapes and thicknesses. EPS insulation products are also produced using the not readily igniting S-type, which does not support combustion.

For a new era in construction

Solupak Carbon is an EPS insulation product for a new era in construction. Its thermal insulation performance is up to 20 per cent higher than that of standard EPS insulation.The Carbon product line is specially designed for low-energy and passive building, as well as for structures with strict limitations on the thickness of insulation.
Solupak Carbon is available for floor, wall and roof insulation. You will recognise Solupak Carbon insulation products by their distinctive grey colour.

Solupak insulation for the whole house

Dense Solupak EPS Groundfrost/Routa/Tjäle

Solupak EPS Groundfrost is an excellent choice when you need EPS insulation that can withstand intense use. The product has a dense cell structure, which means low water absorption.
Product: Solupak EPS 120 Groundfrost

Affordable Solupak EPS Floor/Lattia/Golv

The most cost-effective solution for energy-efficient floor insulation on the market is Solupak EPS Floor. It provides the best insulation for your money.
Products: Solupak EPS 60S, 100, 100S and 200 Floor, Solupak EPS 80S Floor Carbon, Solupak EPS 100S Floor Carbon

Safe Solupak EPS Wall/Seinä/Vägg

Solupak EPS Wall meets strict requirements on raw materials, production and storage of finished or semi-finished products. Therefore, the product is characterised by outstanding dimensional stability, which means that after-shrinkage has been minimised. All raw materials used in manufacturing Solupak EPS Wall are self-extinguishing.
Products: Solupak EPS 60S and 100S Wall, Solupak EPS 80S Wall Carbon, Solupak EPS 100S Wall Carbon

Precise and durable Solupak EPS Roof/Katto/Tak

Like Solupak EPS Wall insulation products, Solupak EPS Roof meets strict requirements on dimensional precision and stability, which means no after-shrinkage. Solupak roof insulation products also meet strict requirements regarding combustion properties.
Products: Solupak EPS 60S and 100S Roof, Solupak EPS 80S Roof Carbon, Solupak EPS 100S Roof Carbon

Ask us!

Find Solupak EPS insulation products in your local hardware shop or contact us and we will find the retailer closest to you. We are also happy to assist you with any problems you may encounter.


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